Buy and Sell Used Bulk Storage Propane Tanks

Due to the costs associated with the dismantling and removal of bulk storage
propane tanks
, many are being stockpiled or being improperly disposed of. This is
a waste of a valuable resource that could be reclaimed for other uses. We will pay you for
your old propane storage tanks and remove them from your property.

Many people turn to stockpiling their empty propane tanks because most scrap yards refuse to dispose of them. They know it is illegal to improperly dispose of propane tanks in certain areas. Unlicensed individuals attempting to remove gas from a cylinder or any propane tank prior to disposal can result in fire, injury or death.Propane professionals should be the only ones handling the dismantling of your propane tanks.

Don’t leave your tanks behind! Instead, make some money and sell them to us! We are proud to be promoting the safe and economical recovery of this resource, and are always on the hunt for bulk storage propane tanks to update our tank inventory.

Dismantling and Transport of Used Bulk Storage Propane Tanks

Our turnkey operation at Sun Tank Sales handles every aspect of dismantling and removal of you unused bulk storage propane tanks.

(1) Our crew of professionals arrives on site and carefully performs dismantling and emptying of the propane tanks.
(2) We restore the tanks for reuse
(3) We transport the newly repaired propane tank directly to its new owner

Plant Acquisitions
  • Plant closures
  • Plant/company/industry downsizing
  • Plant acquisitions

Sun Tank Sales can help you monetize your used bulk storage propane tanks. Selling your propane tanks to us is a smart move because we give you cash for something that you no longer use. Call or email us today for more information on how you can turn your propane tanks into cash!


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